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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Where Are You on Your Journey to Digital Maturity? | Training Magazine Network

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Where Are You on Your Journey to Digital Maturity?
Maturity can be defined in many ways for a training organization... 

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But what about your digital content program? There is a path to maturity that will let you progress nicely along without getting overwhelmed with all the options—shiny, fun new technology—available to you. There is a way to plan a digital content maturity path that will eventually lead to impactful and engaging training methods.

To begin you need to take stock of your current training efforts. Some key questions to ask yourself include:

• Are you still using print manuals?
• Do you have a learning management system (LMS) but only use it to assign certain people certain training?
• Can your learners gain access to their content offline?
• How much of the of the digital functionality that is available today have you incorporated into your training?

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Source: Training Magazine Network

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