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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Singapore university revokes second researcher’s PhD in misconduct fallout | Retraction Watch

"Last year, the fallout from a misconduct investigation at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore resulted in the university revoking the PhD of a Harvard research fellow, and a senior researcher losing his job" continues Retraction Watch.

Photo: Nanyang Technological University

In July 2016, NTU told us another researcher who could not be named at the time had also come forward and confessed to making up data.

Now, Retraction Watch has learned that Sabeera Bonala — the researcher who couldn’t be named due to ongoing disciplinary procedures last year — has also had her doctorate degree revoked by the NTU.

Tony Mayer, research integrity officer at the NTU, confirmed to Retraction Watch that her PhD, which she was awarded in 2013, has been revoked. Three papers that list Bonala as first author — two in The Journal of Biological Chemistry and one in Molecular Endocrinology — were pulled last year.

" We couldn’t find current contact details for Bonala.

Source: Retraction Watch (blog)

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