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Sunday, December 17, 2017

27 students barred from HE, but could be many more | University World News

Tehran’s representative in the Iranian Parliament, Mahmoud Sadeqi, says 27 graduate students have been banned from continuing their education in the current Iranian academic year, but analysts suggest the number could be a lot higher, reports Radio Farda.


Citing Sadeqi, state-run Iranian Labour News Agency reported that despite attempts, 12 PhD and 15 masters students were not allowed to enter the universities this year. According to Sadeqi, 151 PhD and 398 masters students deemed ‘starred’ (deemed to be politically unreliable or undesirable) were allowed to register and continue their education after signing a written commitment to ensure students stay away from political activities.

But there are conflicting reports as to how many students have actually been barred this year. Other sources report much higher numbers.

Source: University World News

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