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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Workbook incorporates all genres of music | Trinidad Guardian - Lifestyle

"Workbook incorporates all genres of music" says Paula Lindo, The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper.   

The newly released music workbook, Claire’s Intermediate Workbook, incorporates classical music, elements of jazz, traditional West Indian music and the steelpan in one 400-page book.

Claire's Music Workbook - Intermediate Edition
Edition: First Edition, Publisher: Eros Mungal
Published: November 21, 2017

UK-based writer Eros Mungal said the workbook teaches not only piano and keyboard, but music in general and is designed to take the student to the next level.

Mungal said this is the second workbook he has published, with the first one encompassing Grades One to Three in the Royal Music Examinations. This new workbook addresses the Theory of Music up to and including Grade 5 as well as the requirements of the CSEC music syllabus for CXC exams. Mungal said he went through the CSEC syllabus with a fine-tooth comb when putting the book together, and while it might not address everything, it does give a comprehensive review.

He said: “I think the book is filling a serious gap in education and I use phrases and exercises that point people toward what CXC is looking for, and if they’re taking the formal music examinations, this will fulfill all of that, so it’s one solution to just about everything.”...

In Trinidad the basic workbook has sold over 8,000 copies and has been used in private schools and by music teachers. The cover includes the flags of the major Caribbean countries, pictures of musical instruments, and a photo of Darren, one of Mungal’s sons, interacting with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

A special feature of this workbook is the addition of a steelpan supplement with a specially written foreword by Liam Teague, Associate Professor of Music at Northern Illinois University.
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Source:Trinidad Guardian

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