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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Artificial Intelligence In 2017: Skynet, Is That You? | Tech Times

Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times inform, "Artificial intelligence research made great strides in 2017, increasing the capabilities and opening up new applications for the technology."

Artificial intelligence research made great strides in 2017, with many new advancements and applications for the technology. There are concerns, however, that AI is forming into something like Skynet from the "Terminator" franchise. 
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Unfortunately, the topic always raises concerns that someday, machines will enslave the human race and conquer the Earth like Skynet did in the Terminator franchise.

Here's a look back at artificial intelligence in 2017, and how far (or near) humans are from something like Skynet happening.

What Did Artificial Intelligence Achieve In 2017?  
Artificial intelligence is defined as the study and design of intelligent agents, which are systems that can perceive their environment and take actions that maximize the chance of success. AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experiences and perform tasks just like humans.

Many believe that the technology will play a huge role in our technological future, which is why companies like Samsung and countries like China are making huge investments into AI.

In 2017, artificial intelligence went on a gaming spree to prove its capabilities. In January, an AI named Libratus, developed by researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University, was able to beat professional players in the game of poker...

The Threat Of Artificial Intelligence
The growth of artificial intelligence, however, is still viewed as a threat despite the technology's many useful applications. It does not help the technology's public image that Anthony Levandowski, a former Uber executive, established a religion to worship AI... 

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence
It remains to be seen what else artificial intelligence research will achieve in 2018. However, what is sure is that the world will keep a close eye on the technology, both for the new applications that will arise and because of the warnings against it.


Source: Tech Times  

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