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Thursday, December 07, 2017

If You Can Solve This Math Puzzle, You May Be a Genius | Reader's Digest

Photo: Marissa Laliberte
"It's not as simple as it looks" summarizes Marissa Laliberte, Staff Writer at Reader's Digest.

Photo: Reader's Digest

Do you think of yourself as a secret mathematician? This math brainteaser will have even the biggest number nerds scratching their heads.

People’s Daily,China tweeted out this math puzzle in which each picture represents a number.

People's Daily,China @PDChina -

These algebra problems might seem easy at first glance, but hold on. People’s Daily was nice enough to give away the answer before you began. If you didn’t get 16, you did something wrong. Take a closer look at the pictures—you probably missed a few key details. (You’d need to look closely to solve this easy math problem that baffled the Internet, too.)

Source: Reader's Digest

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