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Thursday, December 07, 2017

eLearning Trends for 2018 | Docebo

"2018 is coming – are you ready to take on the new year, head on? Read on to find out." inform Docebo.

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The eLearning industry is in a constant state of flux – constantly adapting and changing as technology, user needs, and best practices change.

In recent years, we’ve seen significant budget allocation directed towards eLearning initiatives. When companies put their money where their mouths are, it’s a clear indication of the organizational priorities at play. As well, there has been a noted increase in eLearning initiatives in global geographic markets that align with a shift towards the prioritization of training and developments in markets, worldwide. 

Docebo writes in the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, "The eLearning industry is never static. Just as technology continues to evolve, reinvent itself, and thrive (or die) in all technology-reliant industries, the same is true in eLearning specifically, and learning and development (L&D), broadly."

In eLearning in particular, we have seen evidence of this through shifting budget allocations for eLearning programs, the increasing prevalence of eLearning in different global geographic markets, new and emerging trends in technologies that support eLearning, and the everincreasing role of social learning as a key L&D priority. 

The global L&D industry is complicated, with many moving parts, disruptive technologies, and shifting priorities. That’s why we have developed eLearning Trends for 2018, a complete report outlining the global state of L&D – and eLearning in particular. For this comprehensive report, we have pored over metrics and insights pulled together by some of the leading analyst voices and organizations in the space. We have also collected a wide array of data and statistics that highlight how eLearning is changing and evolving.

Some of the key topics readers can look forward to in the pages ahead include:

  • An assessment of the size of the eLearning market globally, including budget allocations for eLearning purposes and the drivers of growth and development in the L&D industry. 
  • Emerging trends in the eLearning market, including social learning, mobile learning, microlearning, corporate MOOCs, and more. 
  • A look at potential “game-changers” and disruptive technologies and approaches to eLearning, including game-based learning, gamification, and wearable technology. 
  • Insights into the adoption and continued use of eLearning in geographical markets around the world, including considerations of what might be driving change and growth in these markets.
We hope this comprehensive report will be a great source to help learning and development professionals assess the global landscape of eLearning moving into 2018 and beyond.
Download the report.

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Source: Docebo  

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