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Saturday, December 16, 2017

NC teacher pursues ASU master’s degree through distance learning | Valley Courier - Community

Alamosa News writes, "Being a single mother of three and teaching full-time doesn’t stop Covey Denton from setting a high bar." 

Covey Denton, of North Carolina, appreciates the Adams State Teacher Education online master’s program, which helps her inspire students in science.
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“My goal is to be the most amazing science teacher my students will ever have,” she says from her home in North Carolina. “I want to develop a profound love of science in my students through the activities and material I cover in my classroom. I want to spread my love of science to every single student that enters my room.”

Denton is pursuing her master’s degree through Adams State University’s graduate distance degree program. She enrolled in the fall of 2016 to the Adams State Teacher Education Department Master of Arts in Education Curriculum and Instruction with Endeavor STEM Leadership Certificate. She will graduate in December 2018.

The Adams State program has given Denton access to unique opportunities and resources she didn’t realize existed. “The forums to communicate with like-minded individuals have given me feedback and helped me grow as a teacher.”

The flexibility Adams State online master’s program works well with Denton’s schedule. “I am a single mom of three kids who has eight grades of lessons to prep.” She teaches preschool through 6th or 7th grade, depending on the year. “The online classes allow me to work ahead when I have spare time in my schedule and allow me to pace myself and plan.” She appreciates the well-organized classes and user-friendly format. “The NASA classes with the call-in classroom meetings are easy to schedule after the kids’ bedtime and allow me to really focus on the content being offered. I have enjoyed the prompt communication from my instructors and felt like I benefited a great deal from each course I have taken.”

The courses through Adams State’s online program have also increased Denton’s awareness of diversity in the classroom. “The courses through Adams State have helped me understand the needs of my students and best practices in the classroom, and allowed me to develop my own teaching philosophy and style.”

Source: Valley Courier