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Friday, November 16, 2007

Launch of Opens Doors of Free Online Learning by Raju Shanbhag

Getting a better education may no longer be a costly affair.
Edumax provides free virtual classrooms on a variety of subjects, starting a new era in free online education. The company offers a series of easy to understand lessons prepared by experts. There are courses for all educational levels and learning styles with subjects ranging from personal development to computer programming.
Edumax CEO Armen Oulikhanian and President Wai Leung have used all their experience and expertise to create this site and hope to make it an ultimate online learning destination for everyone.

About EduMax
Education does not have to be restricted to walls and rooms. The world is full of knowledge and experts everywhere who are willing to share and teach what they know. But you don’t have to literally fly the globe to ask for it. With the reality of the internet, information can be brought to your fingertips. Edumax reaches out to the world and brings it to your desktop. So that you can maximize your learning, maximize your education. Edumax. Its all about learning. For free.

Source: TMCnet