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Friday, November 09, 2007

Results of first comprehensive study of Maine's pioneering ed-tech initiative show promise

Maine's pioneering program to give every middle school student a laptop computer is leading to better writing, according to a new study.
Despite creating a language all their own using eMail and text messages, students are still learning standard English, and their writing scores have improved on a standardized test since laptop computers were distributed, the study says...
The study focused on eighth-graders' scores on the Maine Educational Assessment to see if the standardized test results backed up the perception of both students and teachers alike that laptops have led to better writing skills. (See
"Maine laptop program gets high marks in mid-year survey".)

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Maine’s Middle School Laptop Program: Creating Better Writers
Prepared by: David L. Silvernail and Aaron K. Gritter
Maine Education Policy Research Institute
University of Southern Maine Office
Gorham, Maine


Beginning in Fall 2002 the State of Maine, through the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI), implemented a one-to-one middle school laptop program by roviding all 7th and 8th grade students and their teachers with laptop computers, and roviding schools and teachers with technical assistance and professional development for integrating laptop technology into their curriculum and instruction. This Brief describes the findings from an examination of the impacts of the laptop program on student writing achievement.

Source: eSchool News