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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Things Your Cybersecurity Solutions Must Do

"Cybersecurity requires multiple detection and prevention capabilities to enable teams to manage risk and mitigate attacks." writes Palo Alto Networks.

As cybercrime evolves, so must the tools and techniques you use to secure your organization. But, using individual products to solve individual problems isn’t the answer. Choosing a holistic cybersecurity solution that can dynamically adapt to the changing threat landscape is vital.

"Enforce allowed interactions between your data and users.
Your network is like a virtual highway that connects your users to important data. With the number of roads to those data stores increasing as organizations become more connected, the risk of being  breached skyrockets. To reduce the sheer number of attacks on your network, you need to reduce the attack surface by granularly identifying approved interactions between users and data based on the specific data you’re trying to protect what it contains, where it’s located, how it should be used, and by whom."

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10 Things Your Cybersecurity Solutions Must Do

Source: InfoWorld and Palo Alto Networks

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