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Monday, November 09, 2015

Harvard Business Review White Paper - The Marketing Organisation of the Future

Marketo and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services have teamed up to provide guidance on creating the marketing organization of the digital age.

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    "In this report, sponsored by Marketo, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services interviewed thought leaders, industry experts, and chief marketing executives to discover how leading-edge marketing organizations are dealing with these challenges."

    Since targets are moving quickly, forward-looking organizations are building fluid and nimble structures to seize opportunities and keep pace with change. They are also creating stronger connections with key partners across the organization, especially IT, sales, and customer service. And as a harbinger of the future, the mandate to improve customer experience is emerging as a catalyst for marketing executives to leverage their skill sets in larger roles within their companies.

    Check out our white paper to learn:
    • How your organization should be structured
    • What new skills your team will need to succeed
    • What marketing's role should be within the broader organization
    Download the free copy

    Source: Marketo

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