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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FREE Tech Dossier | The New IT Acronym: KISSME (Keep IT Security Simple, Manageable and Effective)

Computing environments have evolved to enable users to be more productive and IT to be more agile. 

And yet attackers have evolved their methods too, adopting polymorphic malware to evade detection by preventive controls. Meanwhile, IT organizations continue to practice a piecemeal, reactive process of plugging holes, and it's putting companies at grave risk.

Bitdefender writes, "This is your wake-up call."
There’s no doubt about it: IT organizations have their work cut out for them when it comes to security. In 2014 the “State of the CSO” report, an annual survey conducted by  CSO  magazine, provided some perspective on the scope of the problem.
  • The most significant challenges CSOs face:Managing security of and addressing risks surrounding mobile devices and bring-your-own-device (BYOD)
  • Cyberthreats from outside the organization, including APTs and distributed denial of service (DDOS)
  • Security for technology as a service and cloud computing
Although there are commonalities among these three categories, there’s also a lot of variation within each one. Mobile device security is rarely a matter of managing a single platform across the entire enterprise.  Users want to use the device of their choice at any time, wherever they happen to be. The risk posed by cyberthreats varies from one system to another, and no two cloud-based services share the same risk profile. Risk management becomes exponentially more complex with the addition of each new technology.
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Source: Bitdefender

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