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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Q&A: The role of machine learning in cyber security

As you will no doubt have seen, a string of recent high-profile data breaches has thrust cyber security into the spotlight, thanks to a combination of skillful hackers, inadequate protection and human error.

Photo: ITProPortal

Photo: Sam Pudwell
We spoke to Garry Sidaway, SVP Security Strategy & Alliances at NTT Com Security, to discuss the role that machine learning can play in cyber security. The full interview can be found below.

How was your time at this year’s IP EXPO?
We always find these events useful for meeting our strategic clients and partners. We find these types of events allow NTT Com Security to raise its brand awareness as well as reach a broad audience on the show floor and through speaking engagements.

Whilst there you spoke about Machine Learning (ML). What exactly is ML and how does it differ from Artificial Intelligence?
Machine learning is defined as a subset of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. In the context of information security and risk management, a highly advanced analysis engine based on machine learning can make it extremely difficult for hackers to by-pass detection, which means users can proactively mitigate risks from complex and emerging security threats.
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Source: ITProPortal