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Sunday, June 24, 2018

9 New Books We Recommend This Week | Book Review - New York Times

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Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times by Gregory Cowles, Senior Editor, Books. 

Science and literature are too often viewed as separate and even opposing spheres. That’s a discredit to all of the great science writers with a talent for translating the world of the lab and field, illuminating complex ideas and personalities and moral implications — in short, all the stuff of literature, and life.

Five of our recommended titles this week take science as a starting point, whether it’s the hard science of genetics and heredity (“She Has Her Mother’s Laugh,” by the Times reporter Carl Zimmer) or the quest for mechanical precision (“The Perfectionists,” Simon Winchester’s book about engineering) or the medical and psychological aspects of gender identity (Arlene Stein’s “Unbound”). There are also a couple of deeply researched narratives with a scientific hook: Eliza Griswold’s “Amity and Prosperity,” about the consequences of natural gas fracking on one Pennsylvania town, and John Carreyrou’s “Bad Blood,” which starts out as a story of scientific and medical promise and turns into a true-life business thriller about arrogance and fraud.