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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bonnaroo U? Billboard's 2018 Top Music Business Schools | Billboard

"For those seeking industry careers, lessons are taught in classrooms, recording studios and at “Bonnaroo U.”" says Thom Duffy, Billboard special features editor.

The Frost School of Music at the University of Miami opened a new building in 2015 with an environmentally friendly design.
Photo: Courtesy of the Frost School of Music

They’ve gained admission to competitive colleges and universities in major capitals of the U.S. music business -- New York, Miami, Nashville and Los Angeles -- or lesser-known locales with vital musical pedigrees like Denton, Texas.

They are taught and mentored by professors with extensive industry résumés and by visiting music executives from record labels, publishing companies, booking agencies and other sectors. Their lessons take place in classrooms but also at radio stations, concert venues and even on the fields of music festivals.

They attend programs endowed by (and bearing the names of) superstar music-business executives. Some aspire to perform; others to work outside the spotlight. All understand that the industry is more complex than ever and deserving of four years of coursework.

They are the students of the nation’s top music business schools. And as the future of the industry, here is where they study.

Source: Billboard