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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

South Hills Students Have Access to Technology in and out of the Classroom | State College News

Sandra J. Gibble, director of regulatory affairs at South Hills School of Business and Technology reports, "Increased technology in education has impacted both the way instructors teach in the classroom and the way students learn, and South Hills School of Business and Technology uses technology ranging from mobile computing devices to e-textbooks." 

Photo: Pexels

Implementing technology in the classroom is about more than just using digital devices in class — it’s about improving teaching effectiveness and the learning process between instructors and students.

Some of South Hills’s programs leverage mobile computing devices to provide high-end software packages to each student in the program. Not only does this allow for more active learning both in and out of the classroom, it enables each student to have access to software and learning tools 24 hours a day, every day.

South Hills has increased its use of e-textbooks in some programs. The value of this technology is that students have textbooks and course materials that are always up to date. Subject matter is dynamic and timely, with links embedded into the material. E-textbooks have increased the availability of resources at a reduced cost to students.