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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Coda Mountain Academy focuses on teaching music to children | Music - Idaho Statesman

When Esther Morey moved from Indiana to West Virginia when she was 19 years old, she had no idea where the road would take her. Eleven years ago, when she began Coda Mountain Academy, she knew she was on the road to something great, continues Idaho Statesman.

Photo: Coda Mountain Academy
Morey, founder and executive director of Coda Mountain Academy, was posted up in Fayetteville recently for Coda Kidz Music, Art and Drama Camp, one of seven programs the Academy offers to the community.

"We're all about realizing potential," she said. "God has helped us create a safe environment for these children. They need a place to belong, and they have that here."

Morey explained the Academy has three main goals — giving children a place to belong, teaching real-life skills and good character, and giving unconditional love.

During this week's program, the music, art and drama camp, around 80 students were in attendance.

Kathie Kiser, the director strictly for the music, art and drama camp, said the program is aimed towards keeping with the Academy's mission of providing a safe place for children while bringing them together to pursue music.

With different themes every year, this year's theme is the "Classical Era," Kiser explained, and the students' final performance for their parents and the community was set for Friday.
Kiser added it is important for her to take part in directing the camp because of the importance music has to her...

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Source: Idaho Statesman