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Friday, January 17, 2020

EarMaster App for Music Theory and Ear Training Now Also on iPhone | PR Web

Previously only for iPad, the iOS version of EarMaster is now also for iPhone by PR Web.

Photo: EarMaster - ear training and music theory on Mac, PC and iOS

The App is available from the App Store for free with core content and can then be expanded with more courses and lessons.

EarMaster is a music theory training App for musicians of all skill levels playing any instrument. It offers thousands of exercises to improve one’s music theory skills. Exercises cover ear training, sight-singing, rhythmic training, Jazz study and music theory. EarMaster has been around since 1996, first as a Windows-only program, then later on Mac and then iPad. It is considered as the reference in its field and used by music students, professionals and amateur musicians in most countries.

”Bringing EarMaster to the iPhone has been a long-time dream, so we’re really happy that it turned out so great. Not only did we port the EarMaster name to the smaller Apple devices, but we even managed to take the full power of the desktop and iPad Apps along with it, making it by far the most comprehensive music learning App on iPhone,” says Hans Lavdal Jakobsen, CEO of EarMaster...

EarMaster is a Danish music software company founded in 1994 and located in the city Aarhus. The company’s mission is to develop the ultimate tool to help improve music education. EarMaster was nominated for both a NAMM TEC Award in 2017 and the Music Teacher Award for Excellence in 2019, and won 2 consecutive Gazelle prizes from Danish financial magazine Børsen. Since its initial release in 1996, millions of musicians have installed EarMaster on their PC, Mac or iOS device.

Source: PR Web