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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5 Tech Trends That Will Transform Education By 2025

Photo: Pragati Verma
Pragati Verma, freelance journalist/blogger summarizes, "Classrooms across the world are becoming more connected, reshaping how we teach and shaking up the fundamental business model of the education industry."

Photo: Forbes

The disruptive potential is evident in the flow of capital investment. Venture funding to education tech companies jumped 55 percent last year to $1.87 billion, with several firms closing in on $1 billion valuations, according to venture capital research firm CB Insights.

Here are five tech trends that could reshape the education industry by 2025:

1. Learn From Anywhere
Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, in which faculty leads a course with a large number of students via online video lectures, have probably been the biggest story of higher education over the last few years. Glenda Morgan, research director at Gartner and co-author of a recent report on MOOCs, expects them to reshape many aspects of the education industry.

“They might not have lived up to the initial hype when they were expected to put many education institutes out of business. But they are creating a big change,” she said.

MOOCs have renewed interest in online learning and have driven colleges to adopt new technology to keep pace.

Several elite universities and selective colleges such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford are adding MOOCs to their traditional offerings. As a result, chief information officers in higher education often need to expand learning management systems to support MOOC-like functions.

“A less expensive and lower risk option could be to leverage a cloud solution,” she suggested.

As traditional institutions offer more courses online, startups are attracting investment and students. Coursera has more than 14 million registered users and has received $85 million in funding. Udemy raised $65 million this year.

Source: Forbes