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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Minitab Introduces Free Lesson Plans for Teaching Introductory Statistics

New instructional packages provide everything instructors need to prepare their courses with Minitab 17 and Minitab Express.

Photo: Minitab

Minitab now offers a series of eight free lesson plans to help instructors teach introductory statistics courses. The series covers core statistical concepts, such as describing data graphically and numerically, boxplots, sampling, and more.

Each lesson plan provides a comprehensive set of materials, including an overview of the concept, instructor's notes, student exercises and their solutions, and all necessary datasets. 

Photo: Diane Evans
The lesson plans were developed in conjunction with Dr. Diane Evans, a highly regarded professor at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Evans was recently recognized as one of America's 300 best professors by the Princeton Review, and the lesson plans reflect her love of statistics and teaching. "Every instructor wants to engage and inspire their students," she said. "I designed these lesson plans to help teachers reveal the power of statistics and its ability to provide insight into the world."

Photo: Michelle Paret
Michelle Paret, a Minitab product marketing manager, says Evans hit her mark. "The lesson plans strike a perfect balance between theory and practice," she said. "Every concept is clear and accessible. And Dr. Evans uses topics like flight simulator survival and chewing gum times to make the material memorable and enjoyable."

To access the lesson plans and other teaching resources, visit

Minitab Blog Novel examples of important statistical concepts and how to apply them with Minitab. Visit the Minitab blog.

Source: GlobeNewswire (press release)