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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Are you too planning to join the iPad bandwagon? Do you wish to make the best use of this device from Apple to train your people?

Here is an eBook that shares information about when and where iPads can be a powerful medium to deliver online learning. 

The eBook Unleashing the Power of iPads and Other Tablets in E-learning provides all the information you need to make the best use of iPads. It examines the growing significance of the iPad in the L&D arena and answers the following.    
  • What are the various formats of content that can be used very effectively on iPads?
  • How can you design good courses for these devices?
  • How can 5 widely used rapid authoring tools be used to develop courses for the iPad?
  • How are various organizations using these tablets for training
  • Why are iPads used extensively in manufacturing and healthcare sectors?
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Source: CommLab India