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Monday, August 10, 2015

World University Rankings blog: 500,000 reasons to be cheerful

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Phil Baty, editor of Times Higher Education World University Rankings inform, "Data will power the most comprehensive THE World University Rankings yet."

Photo: Times Higher Education

We did it. Times Higher Education has just completed the biggest ever data collection exercise in the history of its world university rankings, giving us an exceptionally strong foundation to build our most comprehensive and insightful rankings to date.

Working in close partnership with universities all across the world, Times Higher Education’s in-house data team has collected comprehensive institutional data from 1,128 institutions from 88 countries, which have provided us well over 100,000 separate data points to work with. Combined with around 400,000 additional data points from the Academic Reputation Survey we completed at the beginning of 2015, we are well on the way to realising our ambition to create the largest and most comprehensive database of university information in the world.

Data collection for this cycle is now closed, and the institutional data, after thorough quality assurance work, will be combined with our reputation survey data and research publication data from Elsevier’s Scopus database to build the 2015-16 THE World University Rankings. The world rankings will be published online at 21.00 BST on Wednesday 30 September, just hours ahead of their official worldwide launch on 1 October at the THE World Academic Summit at the University of Melbourne.

Our six subject-specific world ranking tables (in engineering and technology; arts and humanities; social sciences; life sciences; physical sciences; and clinical and health related subjects) will be published in the weeks following the overall launch.

Source: Times Higher Education