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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Local kids learn computer programming, 3D animation during summer camp at the University of Denver

Photo: Amanda Zitzman
Amanda Zitzman, general assignment reporter summarizes, "During the summer, some local students embraced the importance of STEM learning: science, technology, engineering and math."

Local kids learn how to code, build robots

“I've always been kind of a computer geek,” 16-year-old Davis Burckhart said.

Davis is getting ready for another year at George Washington High School in Denver.

“I'm kind of at the age where you need to start thinking about a career, you know college [and] how you're going to make your mark on the world,” he said.

A portion of Davis’ summer was spent learning 3D animation and modeling. Along with more than a hundred other Colorado students, Davis learned to create his own content from scratch, using different computer programs at the University of Denver through a camp called “ID Tech.”

“So if you're making like a video game or a Disney movie, you can use this to create the characters,” he said as he showed 7NEWS the program.

ID Tech camps like the one at DU are set up across the country over the summer. Instructors also teach students how to code in Java, design video games, build websites and robots, and much more.

Source: The Denver Channel