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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting Ready for School With Relay GSE's Free Blended Learning Courses

EdSurge inform about free modules on blended learning. Start learning today - Beginning to Blend!

If you’re looking for some free modules on blended learning, look no farther than the Relay Graduate School of Education. The org (along with the Learning Accelerator, or TLA) recently released three free PD modules to the public on August 10, and include both introductions to blending as well as a module on differentiation. Each module takes approximately six hours and 15 minutes to complete. Here are the courses:
  • "BL-101: Beginning to Blend" -- For the amateur blended, this course introduces teachers to the basics of blended learning: what it is, current practices, and a collection of strategies and resources.
  • BL-102: Rolling Out Blended” -- If BL-101 was the appetizer, this course is the main dish. In this course, learners will acquire “building blocks” of rolling out blended learning, including those difficult but worthwhile tasks of creating a culture with buy-in and collaboration.
  • BL-103: Teaching Each Student” -- This module covers ground not found in the other courses: how to launch a pilot, how to conduct data analyses of student progress, and more.
Look out for the release of a fourth learning module in October, which will focus on community engagement in blended learning. 
For more info, check out the Relay modules page here.

Source: EdSurge