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Monday, December 04, 2017

Artificial intelligence disrupts assisted living facilities | Digital Journal - Health

Photo: Tim Sandle
"The care home and assisted living concepts are altering through the use of artificial intelligence; this is leading to a safer environment for elderly people and others who require assisted support" reports Dr. Tim Sandle, Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for science news.

Families who cannot devote the required attention a loved one deserves may decide that an assisted living facility is the best way to provide supervision, medical care, and social interactions for the beloved individual.
Photo: Carol Forsloff

Healthcare worker would made a twice or four-times a day visit; coming in is a room equipped with sensors and cameras; elderly people wearing monitoring wristbands; the deployment of biomimetic companion robots, each sending vital signs to a data hub which is interpreted by artificial intelligence.

One example of an artificial intelligence driven assisted living platform is Caremerge, which is a digital healthcare startup. The company offers a care coordination platform designed for senior living communities. On the other side, appropriate software can also determine if an ‘alert’ is genuine or false. 

Remote reporting
Caremerge, according to Forbes, provides services like motion detectors that can alert staff if an elderly person was to fall over. A further functionality of the service is the ability to help to keep families up to date on the services provided by the care home through remote reporting. 

Voice activated apps
Another service is voice-activated devices and smartphone apps. These enable care staff to receive guidance from health professionals. Such devices can also help to automate the wages and expenses of staff by performing functions like automatically logging mileage.

Source: Digital Journal

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