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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Differences Between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning | Times Square Chronicles

Check out this article by Times Square Chronicles about the Differences Between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Times Square Chronicles
Thanks to the advent of some pretty amazing technology, our devices are starting to get a lot smarter. Depending on where you live, you may have seen self-driving vehicles making test runs around your town, and if you have used an online help feature when placing an order, you may have interacted with a chatbot. Smartphones are getting wiser and a robot has been programmed to solve a Rubik’s cube. Sophisticated platforms like Qualcomm’s Artificial Intelligence platform — on top of giving users improved connectivity, reliability and security — enable this increase in intelligence, which can be labelled as machine learning, smart learning or artificial intelligence.   

To get a better sense of what these terms mean and how they are connected and different, check out the following:

 Artificial Intelligence
he best way to think of these three terms is to think of concentric circles with artificial intelligence— the concept that came first — as the largest circle, with machine learning, which came next, in the middle circle and then deep learning in the center...

Machine Learning  Machine learning takes the concept of AI and expands on it a bit more. While AI relies on computer programming, machine learning involves uses complex algorithms to analyze a huge amount of data, glean patterns and then make a prediction — all without having a person program the device ahead of time...

Deep Learning
Just as machine learning is a subset of AI, deep learning is a subset of machine learning. Deep learning is a specific class of machine learning algorithms that use complex neural networks to take the idea of computer intelligence to a whole new level...


Source: Times Square Chronicles (press release)

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