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Monday, September 24, 2012

Clarissa Meyer's Guest Review

Clarissa Meyer's guest review posted today. Please be sure to check her review out. Guest posts are always welcome, please contact me. 

When it comes to having all of the knowledge you can about eLearning, you can find out everything you need by checking out Helge Scherlund’s eLearning News. This blog has a ton of information you might be looking for when it comes to eLearning, eBooks, eLearning apps for Facebook and more where that came from.

These days, many people are turning to eBooks when it comes to their learning or reading pleasure. Students can go to their University library, find a book they want or need and are greeted with tiny tear off sheets of the books they want. They will then go to the librarian and show the tear off sheet to them to borrow a digital copy of the book they desire. A digital copy of the book is then sent to their eReader, Smartphone or laptop. They can then enjoy a digital cop of the book they want when they want to read for pleasure or are in need of extra studying material. These are the days of true technology.

With technology expanded every day so is this blog. If you want to learn about different eBooks and eLearning techniques, this blog is for you. It also talks about different course material for students to enjoy during their days of studying.

What I really think is great about this blog is the fact that you are not only learning new ways to learn with technology but when you are on this blog and you speak a different language, you can translate it to your desired language. This is great for students looking to learn about new ways of learning technology who do not speak English. What a great thing to have on a blog and every blog should have this option.

Another great topic on this blog is about social networking, cool new Smartphone apps and generally social networking techniques in medical education and education in general. Is social networking and social media good to have in education? On one hand, it is because students can socialize while in school. However, it might not be such a great idea for those who are really serious about getting good grades. Why? This is because it can distract them in a way that they will not get their school work or studying done. So social networking in schools is up in the air between a good idea and a bad idea.

This blog will also offer you ways to be able to take free online courses. Free is a great thing, right? You will just need to determine if the free courses will count toward your school credits or not. It would be better if they did so you can earn the credits you need but sometimes free courses are just that, free. This means they usually do not offer credits for schooling for students.

So, the bottom line is, check out this blog if you want to learn everything there is to know about eLearning, technology in general and eBooks and eReaders. It is a great blog and you will definitely want to check it out.

Clarissa Meyer works on a non-profit project - free resume templates, that is deemed to help people with writing their resumes and CVs. Core interests: e-learning, self-motivation and career development.
Thank you for your thoughtful review of my eLearning News, Clarissa. 

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