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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Chance! Register for K12's Webinar: Benchmark Survey on the Best Practices for Implementing Online Learning Programs

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As an educator, you know that implementing online learning can be a complex process, and a smooth implementation is critical for success. MDR Education Market Research recently conducted a survey of over 220 educators at all levels on the most critical success factors for implementing credit recovery, online courses, and full time programs.

You're invited to attend our webinar showcasing these survey results on Thursday, September 20th at 2 pm EST. In 45 minutes, you'll learn what your peers consider the most important attributes to running a successful online program.
This webinar will cover:
  • The four highest rated factors that are critical to a successful implementation of credit recovery, online courses, and full time online schooling
  • The different implementation best practices unique to each of these program types
  • Current news and statistics on in-house vs. partner created learning curricula in your peers' classrooms
  • Districts’ view on the cost of online learning vs. traditional learning

We think you will find these results insightful. You will be able to take away some valuable information on how to ensure the success of your online learning initiatives.
Register now for this webinar.

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Helge Scherlund said...

Hi sumaya754,

Thank you for dropping by.
I appreciate your comment.