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Friday, September 28, 2012

WebStudy Releases Mobile Application

WebStudy (, a technology service and learning management system (LMS) provider, today launched a mobile application that is written in the Apple iOS and Android native languages—making it more interactive than most mobile apps and optimized for WebStudy Learning customers using smartphone devices.


"We did the mobile app the right way," says Curt Corbi, WebStudy Chief Technology Officer. "Since the application is not 'browser based,' it goes beyond informational to interactive, allowing students to participate in class forums and read/send email while heading to class on the train or waiting for the bus."

WebStudy Mobile is available on Apple iOS and Android smartphones and features:
  • Events Summary: Daily summary that highlights new coursework, exams and forums
  • WebStudy Mail: Mailbox to compose, reply, forward and delete mail
  • Timeline: Structured course timeline to navigate to forums, download course materials, or view upcoming assignments and exams
  • Forums: Course forums for discussions and assignments
WebStudy partnered with CollegeMobile, a leader in custom native mobile app development, to release its mobile technology. The application can be downloaded by students and instructors free of charge at the Apple iTunes store or the Android Play store.

About WebStudy

WebStudy, Inc. is a technology service provider committed to maximizing student engagement and retention in higher education. The company's flagship learning management system (LMS) product, WebStudy Learning, has its roots in a student-professor collaboration and an educational consortium.

Because of its academic origins, WebStudy Learning mimics the way teachers teach and students learn. The WebStudy Learning LMS seamlessly integrates technology both in and out of the classroom to empower faculty, engage students and enrich learning.

About CollegeMobile

CollegeMobile is a leading developer of powerful smartphone and tablet apps for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. CollegeMobile's highly customizable solutions merge client needs and technology in ways that inform, communicate, and provide efficiency and value to the end-user.

CollegeMobile has published over 40 apps on all of the popular App Stores, including: Carleton University, University of Saskatchewan, Credit Union Central of Canada, itracks, SaskParty, and Affinity Credit Union. To learn more about CollegeMobile custome native mobile application development, visit

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