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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Curriki launches free, project-based algebra course online

Here's what's new on eSchool News site today.

Site of the Week
Dennis Pierce
Dennis Pierce, Editor writes, "Our Site of the Week is a free, project-based Algebra I course that was introduced this week by Curriki, a global online community for sharing open educational resources. Developed with funding from AT&T, the course is aligned with the Common Core standards and is modular in nature, so educators can use the entire course or choose parts that fit in with their own curriculum."
Photo: eSchool News 

Curriki, a global K-12 community for creating, sharing, and finding open learning resources, has launched a free Algebra 1 course aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Available online, this project-based modular course engages students through real-world examples, projects, interactive web 2.0 tools, videos, and targeted feedback, Curriki says.

Developed with funding from AT&T, Curriki Algebra 1 is modular so it can be used as a supplement, as the foundation for students’ Algebra 1 curriculum, in an after-school program, or in a home-school environment.

Project-based learning gives students real-world opportunities to think analytically, formulate ideas, and solve increasingly complex problems using algebraic expressions. The Curriki Algebra course incorporates relatable themes and concepts, such as sports statistics, video games, business finance, and the Olympics, while weaving assessments throughout.

The Curriki Algebra 1 course includes 5 units incorporating 30 lessons. Each unit has its own project.

The 5 units are:

1. Relationships between quantities and reasoning with equations
2. Linear and exponential relationships
3. Descriptive statistics
4. Expressions and equations
5. Quadratic functions and modeling


About Curriki

What happens when classroom teachers from every country in the world take part in a global community of sharing curriculum and best practices? Teachers are empowered to create extraordinary learning experiences for their students. Barriers to equal access to education begin to lift – geography and politics become immaterial. And the economy benefits from a highly education population. That’s why we founded Curriki, a non-profit K-12 global community for teachers, students, and parents to create, share and find free learning resources that enable true personalized learning.

We believe free and equal access to the best curriculum materials is possible and Curriki is leading the way.

Source: eSchool News and Curriki's Blog