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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Create graphs and complex math equations directly from the Google Docs sidebar with g(Math)

Photo: Jack Wallen
award-winning writer for TechRepublic and summarizes, "If you're looking for the easiest method of inserting math equations and graphs into your Google Docs, here is the solution for you."

There are times when you simply need to add a bit of math into a document or graph a bit of data. By default, Google Drive doesn't offer either functionality. However, it only requires a bit of poking around the official add ons to find a tool ready to take on that task.
The tool in question is g(Math). Now before you dive into this, assuming it will create simple charts from your spreadsheet data, this particular extension is math-driven and used only for Google Docs. 

With it you can:
  • Create graphs and complex math directly from the sidebar
  • Use Speech to Math in Chrome
  • Use Handwriting recognition for expression entryUse LaTex commands or prebuilt codes to create math beyond the built-in Equation Editor
  • | Plot points
When you create with g(Math) and insert the equation or graph into the Doc, you are adding an image. That image (.png file) will include an associate link that you can open directly in a browser.

Using g(Math) does require an understanding of math. But anyone needing such a tool should have that prereq met.
Installing g(Math)

As you might expect, since this is a Google Docs add-on, the installation is quite simple. Here are the steps:
  1. Open your Google Drive
  2. Open a new Google Docs document
  3. Click Add-ons | Get add-ons
  4. Locate g(Math)
  5. Hover your cursor over the listing until the +FREE button appears
  6. Click +FREE
  7. When prompted, click Accept
You are now ready to use g(Math).

Source: TechRepublic