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Monday, July 27, 2015

Study: Prospective Students See Online Education As Career Booster

"A new report revealed prospective students prefer blended programs, schools with nearby campuses, and see online programs as career booster. The growth of online education, in which enrollment increases at 1 percent annually, is fueled by factors like flexibility and the credentials that help students earn more." continues iSchoolGuide.

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The Aslanian Market Research and The Learning House, Inc. have released a new report on online learning, which revealed that students find such as a pathway for boosting their career prospects. It further showed that college students prefer blended programs and find schools with nearby campuses, as well.

The fourth annual survey also found that fewer students are attending college in recent years, which it attributed to the still-recovering economy and the declining unemployment rate. Polymnia Hadjipanayiotou of Education News reported that 18.6 million students are currently enrolled in college, a nearly 2 percent drop from last year, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research center. More than one third of them, or about 5.5 million, is enrolled in a part- or full-time online program.

The report (PDF)
Online education enrollment is rising steadily at 1 percent every year. The report showed that online courses attract more attention from prospective students mostly because of flexibility and the credentials that help them earn more. In addition, online higher education competition has become tougher than ever as over 421 institutions offered an online program for the first time between 2012 and 2013, Education News reported.

"Roughly 75% of online students seek further education to change careers, get a job, earn a promotion or keep up to date with their skills," the report noted. "The third most appealing marketing message among the group sampled was 'a high job placement rate.'"

Blended programs are courses that mix on-campus learning with online instruction. Respondents seemed to have viewed such programs as an attractive learning model since five in 10 said they were willing to enroll in a hybrid or low-residency course if their preferred program was not offered 100 percent online.
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Source: iSchoolGuide