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Sunday, July 12, 2015

How Adult Learning Theory Influenced the Design of Our Learning Site

Photo: Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer Patterson, the lead product manager at KnowledgeWave, just want to share with you some of the rationale and expertise that is behind the design of KLS, the KnowledgeWave Learning Site.

Photo: Jennifer Patterson

I have always been interested in different approaches to teaching and learning. (So interested that I passed up scholarship money at a nearby college in favor of a school 2,000 miles away because it featured a fascinating academic schedule. Which I loved. But that’s a different story - back to KLS.)

Meet Malcolm Knowles I’m still intrigued by various approaches to learning, and I now have an obvious professional interest in understanding how to help adults learn to use software technology. I recently spent time studying Malcolm Knowles, who used the term andragogy to describe his ideas about adult learning.

Knowles writes that andragogy is a "model of assumptions about learning or a conceptual framework that serves as a basis for an emergent theory."[1] Knowles was a pioneer in thinking about adult education and how it might differ from approaches to childhood education. Every training initiative geared toward adult employees can benefit from a working knowledge of his framework.

Source: Pulse