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Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Build Your Digital Community for Academic Success

Your Digital Community
Driving human-based learning success.

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Cisco writes in the Executive Summary, "The Internet has shown great promise for education in terms of enhanced teaching and learning, effective assessment, professional development, operational efficiencies, and access to information and resources."

Among the teaching and learning trends that have been greatly enhanced thanks to the Internet are mobile and distance learning, collaborative programs created by an
alliance of local entities, online testing, and access to a global cornucopia of remote resources, such as rich media and remote experts, that can be brought directly into the classroom in a powerful and interactive way.

Of course, such initiatives can have an equally powerful effect on the economic health of a given area through empowering job training and research into matters such as family health, finances, and home businesses.

The needs of the present and future learner should not be constrained by the resources of yesterday.

With the digital realm establishing itself as a primary repository for learning resources, students and staff expect to be connected at all times.

Our exclusive guidebook comes with a collection of stories and advice from stateside IT leaders who have mastered how to meet the complex needs of their digital community with the latest technology.
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Source: eCampus News