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Monday, July 20, 2015

Education on the move: boosting learning in isolated communities

"When it comes to schooling, children can fall behind if they live in isolated or nomadic communities." summarizes euronews.

This edition of Learning World looks at mobile education – projects which aim to make classes accessible to all.

Ethiopia: books on horseback
Books being transported on horseback may seem like an image from a bygone era, but it’s very much a reality in Ethiopia.

As part of the “horse-powered literary programme,” run by the “Ethiopia Reads” NGO, books are taken to children in rural communities for special reading sessions.

Ethiopia, which has the second largest population in Africa, ranks 195th on the global literacy scale. Around 2.4 million children have never been to school.

France: reaching Roma children
Roma children in Europe face constant challenges. In France, only around half of them are enrolled in schooling.

One teacher is taking informal education to the community by turning public spaces into classrooms.

Maria-Laura Oita, a social pedagogue, runs workshops in two Roma camps near Paris.

Kenya: school teaches nomadic girls
Destined to be homemakers. Often married young. For girls born into nomadic families, education is often a low priority.

But a school at the foot of the Mogila Hills in Kenya is aiming to reverse that.

The Lopiding school is enrolling large numbers of these traditionally isolated students – helping them to shape their future and that of their communities.

Source: euronews