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Monday, June 04, 2018

Celebrate mathematician Ronald Graham | Cambridge University Press

Ron Graham became one of the world’s foremost mathematicians.

Connections in Discrete Mathematics 
A Celebration of the Work of Ron Graham
Connections in Discrete Mathematics
A Celebration of the Work of Ron Graham

Discrete mathematics has been rising in prominence in the past fifty years, both as a tool with practical applications and as a source of new and interesting mathematics. The topics in discrete mathematics have become so well developed that it is easy to forget that common threads connect the different areas, and it is through discovering and using these connections that progress is often made...

...this volume brings together many of the best researchers working in discrete mathematics, including Fan Chung, Erik D. Demaine, Persi Diaconis, Peter Frankl, Alfred W. Hales, Jeffrey C. Lagarias, Allen Knutson, Janos Pach, Carl Pomerance, N. J. A. Sloane, and of course, Ron Graham himself.
  • Demonstrates the connections between a wide range of subjects in discrete mathematics
  • Features a broad variety of papers, ranging from popular to technical
  • Chapters are written by some of the top researchers in discrete mathematics
Publication planned for: June 2018
format: Paperback

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Source: Cambridge University Press