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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Digital Promise, with help from Google, coaches teachers on tech | EdScoop News

The nonprofit's project will expand from 50 to 80 schools across five states next year, as EdScoop News reports.

Photo: Getty Images

Through a partnership with Google for Education, the education nonprofit Digital Promise seems to have found success in tackling what it says is among the foremost issues in education today — the "digital use divide."

Earlier this week, the two partners released a report outlining the results of the Dynamic Learning Project, a teacher-coaching program piloted in 50 low-income schools across Alabama, California, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas last year. The report found that instructional coaching — the process of teaching the teacher — paid dividends for teachers who might have struggled to otherwise integrate technology into their classroom.

Each school was specially selected by Google and Digital Promise based on interest from faculty and the severity of its “digital use divide," or the skill of its faculty in utilizing the technology available to them...

With funding from Google for Education, the project sponsored 50 instructional technology coaches, or DLP coaches, for one year. The coaches — many of whom were previously employees at their respective schools prior to the project — essentially became resident technology experts that the schools otherwise would not have had the resources or ability to provide.

Teachers took advantage of the free expertise from the coaches, who themselves were mentored by Google throughout the year.

Source: EdScoop News