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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Q&A: Is Gen Z afraid of AI? (Includes interview) | Technology - Digital Journal

With AI courses becoming more common in universities, how will this subject impact on other types of education? Moreover, what do Generation Z make of AI? Expert Tom Hebner offers some answer.

In the past ten years AI has rapidly expanded in education, transforming from sparingly offered classes to majors to full blown dedicated universities. Due to the rapid growth of AI in the education space at advanced levels, there is reason to believe AI will soon have a major influence on the grade school curriculum.

However, it remains uncertain how this will this impact Generation Z. Will AI education begin in grade school? How can we prepare the next generations for jobs we don’t know exist yet? To assess these points, Digital Journal caught up with Tom Hebner, who is the Worldwide Leader of the Cognitive Innovation Group at Nuance Communications. 

Source: Digital Journal