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Saturday, August 11, 2018

It's Time for a Change | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning - Faculty Focus

"About 10 years ago, the Teaching Professor Blog found a good home on Faculty Focus which provided a fitting forum for reaching a large contingent of college faculty beyond the monthly print newsletter" says Maryellen Weimer, PhD.

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But nothing stays the same and changing environments create new opportunities and call for new responses. That’s why you’ll begin noticing changes to the Teaching Professor and Faculty Focus.

New Teaching Professor website.

One of the first things you’ll see is that we’re retiring the Teaching Professor Blog name and recasting it as weekly column aptly named For Those Who Teach. It will no longer be a part of Faculty Focus, but is moving to an entirely new Teaching Professor website. The purpose and style of For Those Who Teach will be the similar to what you’ve come to expect from the blog—I’ll be offering new and interesting instructional ideas, summarizing relevant research, raising questions, making suggestions, and sometimes telling you (gently and constructively, I hope) that teaching improvement is for everyone. So yes, I will still be writing each week, and I sincerely hope you will still be making comments in response. I’ve loved the conversations we’ve had on the blog and look forward to them continuing.
I retired from Penn State in 2007, but one of the questions I often get is, why are you still working so hard?

One of the reasons I’m still working (besides hating to clean house) is that we have yet to discover the best ways to keep faculty informed on teaching and learning issues. We have lots of evidence that they don’t read books or read journal articles on it. . .yes, some do, I know, but not all that many. And yes, I know Teaching Professor readers are the exception—you do read more than most, thank you very much. But there’s still lots of reasons why we should explore different ways of presenting ideas and information on teaching and learning...

Magna needs and deserves your continued support. So, check out my column at its new home and see what the next-generation Teaching Professor looks like.
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Source: Faculty Focus