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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Medical students ditch lectures for online learning | University - Study International News

We’ve all cut classes before. Whether it’s to sleep in or to hang out with friends, the motivation behind ditching usually depends on how important or difficult that particular class is, as Study International Staff reports. 

Empty spaces in the classroom could highlight a mass exodus to materials online. 
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Medicine is often viewed as one of the most, if not the most difficult course of university study. Surely our future doctors diligently attend each class and lecture, come rain, shine or even late nights with copius amounts of alcohol?

Well, put that assumption aside, because 2017 data from the Association of American Medical Colleges found it to be false.

About one-fourth of medical students at US universities reported that they “almost never” went to class during their first two years of medical school, Stat News reported. This is a five percent increase from 2015...

But before any of us start gasping as the prospect of the future medical officers in charge of our lives not receiving the training they need, a closer look into the reasons for their truancy is needed.
It turns out that they are skipping classes to learn. Specifically, to learn faster through online, self-guided learning.

Salmonella [HD] - SketchyMicro USMLE Microbiology Review

One such learning tool used is SketchyMedical, an online platform with videos covering medical school microbiology, pharmacology and pathology through illustrations of unique and unforgettable scenes.

Source: Study International News and SketchyMedical Channel (YouTube)