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Thursday, August 09, 2018

SA sees more digital initiatives focusing on learners | Training and e-Learning - ITWeb

"I-Innovate, Qberty and IFS introduce programmes to help students excel in the digital age" notes Regina Pazvakavambwa, an experienced Journalist.
Digital skills initiatives help educators keep up with the changes technology innovation is bringing to classrooms.
Photo: ITWeb

The race to teach students skills is heating up, with three companies this week introducing digital learning initiatives.

Educational specialist company I-Innovate introduced the " and Robotics for the Future" programme at the Diepsloot Combined School.

Sponsored by IT service provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) SA, the programme helps learners and educators explore advanced (AI) technologies such as automation, machine learning, pattern recognition and neural networks through a series of hands-on innovation sessions, says I-Innovate.

Grade nine students from the school will learn how to create and use AI to problem-solve and innovate in their own lives and communities. TCS employees will mentor learner-led teams throughout the experience, both in-person and online.

"[The programme] connects learning in the classroom to real-world opportunities and career pathways. It is an inspiring and highly relevant way to show children that they can make giant leaps in learning and be a real part of the solutions to some of our most pressing local and global challenges," says I-Innovate CEO Trisha Crookes.

Learners will be introduced to coding and robotics, and will discover how to use these technologies for creative problem-solving, she notes...

Coding for innovation Meanwhile, Qberty has opened the Coders and Innovators Hub, at Northriding and Northlands Corner Shopping Centre in Randburg.

The centre will be open to children of all ages; however, the main target market is public schools, says Qberty. The company hopes to bridge the digital gap between private and public schools, and offer students an equal chance of digital experiential learning, it says.

Children will learn how to code, create apps and Web sites, and build robotics, notes Qberty, but highlights its main focus is Minecraft in education.

Source: ITWeb