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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The 10 Most Popular Online Courses of 2018 | The Learning Blog

What do you want to learn today? Check out LinkedIn Learning’s 12,000-course library – there’s something for everyone.

Chelsea Herline, Senior Insights Analyst | Data Storyteller at LinkedIn informLinkedIn data shows job hopping has accelerated with every generation. 

Photo: The Learning Blog
On top of that is a new trend – people aren’t just changing jobs, they’re increasingly changing industries.

Case-in-point – today, half of professionals who change jobs change industries with that job change. That’s up nearly 10 percent from 2008.

What’s that mean to you? 

It means the job – and even the industry – you are in today is most likely not the same one you’ll be in a decade from now. And that puts more of an emphasis on learning “transferable skills,” meaning skills that’ll help you regardless of what industry or job you are in. 

What are the best transferable skills to learn? 

Well, there’s no better place to look than our most popular courses on LinkedIn Learning. The reason these courses are so popular is because they apply to the most amount of professionals – meaning they are the definition of transferable skills. You’ll see that in the courses themselves, which cover universal topics like body language, communication and resiliency. 

See the courses professionals are flocking to the most, with the 10 most popular courses on LinkedIn Learning in 2018 (as of July 1):

Source: The Learning Blog