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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Latest E-Learning Trends in K-12 Education

Emma Taylor has been in touch to reminds us about this recent published article below.


E-learning, like most aspects of the applied sciences and education, is a rapidly growing and changing field. New technologies are constantly being implemented that let students and teachers better interact both in the classroom and outside of it — not only at the college level, but in K-12 schools around the world. If you’re an educator trying to keep up or a college student who wants to emerge on the market well-versed on the latest educational technology trends, here are some things you should certainly keep your eye on today (and in the coming years).

iPads in the classroom
Apple’s tablet computer, the iPad, has proven to be popular with not only everyday consumers but educators as well. Grants from both public and private sources have allowed schools across the nation to provide them to students. These tablet devices are easy-to-use and perfect for classrooms involving a wide variety of learning styles. Students can complete assignments on the iPad, share their work with teachers and peers, read textbooks, take notes, blog, play educational games, write papers and much more. Teachers are also able to easily monitor progress and even grade papers right through their device, saving time, paper and allowing for better feedback. Students who take classes outside of the school setting, or who are homeschooled, may also find the gadget useful in learning, as it is incredibly portable and powerful. There are some who criticize the use of iPads in the classroom, but with hundreds of thousands of them available to students, they’re unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon.

Many thanks to Emma Taylor.
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