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Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Review: Pearson digits by MaryAnn Karre

Pearson's digits is a comprehensive middle grades math curriculum program that is completely written to the Common Core State Standards, and which integrates lesson planning, homework management, intervention, and assessment, all within a user-friendly design that encourages class collaboration via interactive whiteboards.

Designed to be used in a technology-rich middle grade environment, digits could successfully replace traditional math instruction, and enable teachers to easily blend data-driven instruction, assessment and intervention into an effective teaching tool. It is aligned to the Common Core Standards, and meets state requirements for on-level content in classes made up of students of widely varying abilities. 

  • Having digits in the classroom is like having personalized textbooks for each student, which assess the individual's progress, support deficiencies, and extend learning for those who excel.
  • Personalized study plans and homework assignments which are auto-corrected and reported provide an effective school-to-home-to-school connection which streamlines teacher preparation and allows for increased and more targeted instruction time.
  • Digits allows teachers and districts to adapt to revisions of the Common Core Standards as they move towards implementation; digits will be able to roll out content updates, and andwill offer standardized test practice appropriate to each state’s assessment system.

Source: Tech & Learning and Pearson Education