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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Survey: Teachers want more access to technology, collaboration

Photo: eSchool News
Jenna Zwang, Assistant Editor writes, "Today's story discusses a national survey in which teachers discuss the different areas they think have the most impact on different learning needs. Teachers stressed collaborative learning, access to online and teaching resources, and better tools for understanding students' learning strengths and needs given limited resources."

MetLife’s “Survey of the American Teacher: Preparing Students for College and Careers” looks at student differences, how teachers are addressing them, and how well students feel their needs are being met.
The first part of the survey, “Part 1: Clearing the Path,” released earlier this month, examines what college- and career-ready means for different stakeholders.

MetLife’s 2009 study found that girls have higher expectations for their education and more confidence about achieving their goals. This year’s survey finds that a gender gap in college aspirations emerges in high school.

“While girls and boys in middle school do not differ in their aspirations for college, high school girls are more likely than boys to say it is very likely they will go to college (83 percent vs. 71 percent) and to say that they plan on getting a bachelor’s or higher-level degree (83 percent vs. 72 percent),” the report says.

The survey “reveals some troubling gaps in perceptions and differences on priorities that will need to be better understood and addressed if the nation’s educational aspirations are to be realized,” the report says. “While students and adults in the survey agree on the importance of being prepared, students’ expectations for college-going on average are higher than the expectations their teachers and potential employers have for them.”

Source: eSchool News