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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Improving Science Education Using Video Skills

"Making a video about a scientific experiment rather than writing up a presentation poster leads to better learning and clearer understanding of the concepts underpinning the experiment according to science educators in Australia." reports ScienceDaily. 

Writing in the International Journal of Innovation and Learning, the researchers explain how preparation and rehearsals for video production also helped with learning.

Geoff Hilton of the School of Education, at the University of Queensland in Brisbane asked two groups of year 7 students (one class with 21 students, one with 22) of mixed ability and mixed gender to complete a science investigation. One group was asked to record their findings in a written format to produce a science poster as the final part of the work. The second group was asked to produce a video instead. Hilton found that the completion of these two types of task once the science experiment was completed, elicited from the students a number of different behaviors that influenced their learning.

"Educational technological innovations such as in-class video production, combined with appropriate teacher pedagogy, can enhance students' science learning," concludes Hilton.

Source: ScienceDaily