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Friday, March 18, 2011

Educational Software Giant Celebrates 15 Years By Launching New Online Learning Site

Grey Olltwit marks its 15th anniversary of offering free and discounted educational software to students around the world by launching, a free online learning center.

Educational software provider, Grey Olltwit, recently unveiled GOOPLA, an acronym for Grey Olltwit’s Online Personal Learning Area, offers students from low-income families free educational software to improve their math, English, science skills and more. Grey Olltwit is committed to providing students with both the tools and the confidence they need to succeed. In addition to academic subjects, Olltwit does its best to prepare students for real life and offers preparation in life skills and technology.

The non-profit organization earns revenue from those who can afford to pay the modest membership fee, as well as from advertisers. The revenue keeps membership free for those with financial-need. Grey Olltwit’s educational software is currently being used by schools and organizations nationwide, including the BBC, Olympus USA and many Education Authorities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The free and easy-to-browse online learning site boasts a plethora of games and tools for students of all ages and is sure to generate a buzz in classrooms around the world.
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