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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UNESCO Bangkok released two new CD-ROMs: Collection of E-Learning Tools

The UNESCO Bangkok ICT in Education Programme has created two new CD-ROMs which contain e-learning tools. They are both useful for instructed learning and self-learning.

Photo: UNESCO Bangkok 

“Collection of E-Learning Tools - Recommended for learners age 3-13” is targeting kindergarten children, elementary students, junior high schools students, educators and parents. The e-learning tools on the CD-ROM are divided into the following categories: Educational Suites, Language Learning, Mathematics, Arts & Graphics, Computer Literacy and Geography & Astronomy. All these tools have been specially designed for young children and may help facilitate great learning achievements even in early years.

The second CD-ROM, “Collection of E-Learning Tools - Recommended for advanced learners” targets high school students, university students, educators and teacher trainers. The tools are divided into Geography & Astronomy, Language Learning, Mathematics, Science, Programming and Memorizing. They can potentially assist in teaching and learning at high school and university education. For instance, tools such as the Virtual Chemistry Lab or PHET enable to simulate complex science phenomena in a safe and interactive way through research based animations.

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Source: UNESCO Bangkok