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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holdthatword.Com Unveils a Free Website for Vocabulary Words Practice

Often, students appearing for SAT and TOEFL find difficult to remember vocabulary words. allows them to create vocabulary flash cards for practice. They can also search for the online flashcards. has launched a dynamic website to improve vocabulary words. The website is designed for users who love to create educational flash cards. caters to the students of all ages. The website allows students, teachers and parents to create vocabulary flash cards on a wide range of topics. It is now easier to practice math, science, English and other subjects with the help of online flashcards already created by other users. Now, homeschooling parents can let their children use this website without any supervision. Even, the teachers are using this website to create educational flash cards and recommending to their students. There are different kinds of online flashcards games for interactive learning.

It is easy to navigate the website and the instructions are also straight forward. is among the best online resources that help students get ready for different kinds of exams, such as school assignments and competitive exams. If you are preparing for exams like SAT and TOEFL, Holdthatword.Com is here to facilitate learning of hard to remember vocabulary words.
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Source: Benzinga